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About Us

Welcome to Wittenberg College & Seminary, the online school for disciples of Christ!

It is our vision at Wittenberg to equip true disciples of Ch​rist both spiritually and academically, so that they may have the skills of a scholar but the heart of a disciple. We believe that all those who profess Christ are called to be disciples, and that all disciples are called to a lifestyle of actively sharing the gospel with those around them. Therefore, discipleship and evangelism hold a central place in our teaching. Moreover, we at Wittenberg especially want to open our doors to those who can show that an academic degree will advance the purpose of reaching the lost with the gospel.

There is another way in which Wittenberg may differ from other schools. We believe that the Bible is God’s holy and living Word that actively transforms the inner being of those who submit their hearts and minds completely to Him. As such, it has absolute authority and stands high above any human knowledge or scholarship. In all our teaching we seek to strengthen the faith of our students and help develop the calling that God has put on their hearts. It is for this reason that all Wittenberg courses only use scholarship that elucidates and confirms the magnificent truth of God’s Word, and none that questions or undermines it and thus proves itself unsound right from the start. Worldviews and popular arguments that oppose God’s truth are addressed, but only to expose where exactly they fail in their method or presuppositions.

We believe there is great need for an academic institution that takes this strong spiritual stand, but does so without compromising on scholarly excellence. If that is what is also on your heart, then we heartily wish you “Welcome Aboard”!

Look around our website, have a look at our programs, and if you have questions, feel free to contact us.

May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve and follow Him!

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