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Total Spiritual Transformation Program

Two courses of one credit hour each

Our mentored Total Spiritual Transformation (TST) courses can be taken online, but also on location in many countries around the world.

Above all else, learn to be a disciple of Christ!

Discipleship is central to the life of the believer, and it is central to all the teaching at Wittenberg, all the way from the Bachelor’s level to the Ph.D. So, allow us to welcome you to where it all begins!

Our Total Spiritual Transformation program consists of two mentored courses, one that guides you on the path of discipleship, the second one helping you to become a ‘discipling disciple’, a follower of Christ who is continually involved in reaching others with the gospel and helping them to grow in Him. 

Our professors connect personally with every student and mentor them throughout each course. Since these two courses are also part of our degree programs, they will earn you 2 credits that can be used toward further studies at Wittenberg.

Do you love the Lord and is it your heart’s desire to serve Him with all your being? Then join our program and let the journey begin!


DISC 411 – Total Spiritual Transformation I

How to walk as a true disciple of Christ is the central theme of all our teaching at Wittenberg, all the way from the Bachelor’s level to the Doctoral level. This mentored course will help you start off in the right direction, to love and follow your Lord and Savior with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.

DISC 412 – Total Spiritual Transformation II

Our Savior called us all to lose our lives for Him and for the gospel: “whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it” (Mark 8:35). This mentored course will help you make sharing the gospel central to your life, no matter if you will be in full-time ministry or will be serving the Lord in a secular setting.

Prerequisite: DISC 411

Total Spiritual Transformation Program Fees

1. Admission cost for the program consists of a US$100 admission fee (non-refundable), plus full tuition fee for the first course (US$300, non-refundable, credited toward first course tuition fee).

2. Tuition fees for the Total Spiritual Transformation Program are US$300 per course. Since the program consists of two courses, total fees are US$600. Each course must be paid in advance and tuition fees are non-refundable. Tuition fees are fixed for the whole calendar year. There are often scholarship opportunities for this program. Make sure to check by clicking on the ‘Fees’ tab at the top of your screen.

Total Spiritual Transformation Program Diploma

The Total Spiritual Transformation Program Diploma will be awarded after satisfactory completion of the required courses, payment of any outstanding fees, and on evidence of Christian character, faith and conduct as attested by our faculty.

Degree Program Students

The TST program is also the first set of courses for our master’s program students, while doctoral students fulfill this requirement by taking the Advanced TST course (DISC 713).  If you are applying for one of our graduate programs, and have received our email to enroll in the TST program or Advanced TST course, please contact us.


Technical Requirements

If you are taking our Total Spiritual Transformation courses online, please make sure your computer has the following:

1. Microsoft Word (MS Word) (do not use MS Office or other programs)

2. Adobe PDF reader. Can be downloaded for free here:

3. Quicktime player to watch videos. Can be downloaded for free here:

4. A sound card so the videos you watch will have sound.

5. A reliable connection to the Internet.

For more information, please contacts us

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