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“’I would have given anything to have been able to go to a college like this after I graduated from high school.” 

– Dr. Thomas George

“A school for disciples of Christ, taught by disciples of Christ.”

- Prof. Dr. Laura Chavady

“These people are for real. No pretense!”

- Kate Patterson

“Wittenberg is a place where people are taught to really love and serve Jesus!”

- Lydia Ngunte

“Prayer, evangelism and discipleship are right at the heart of the teaching at Wittenberg.”

- Prof. Dr. Mary Airey

“I found that Wittenberg teaches their students to know Christ intimately, not just know ABOUT Him.”

- Susan Long

“This is truly a place for disciples of Christ.”

- Dawn Degler

“Wittenberg graduates are the type of people we like to have for our church leadership.”

- Pastor James Abraham

“Wittenberg professors are true scholars, with the heart of a disciple!”

- Prof. Rufus Matthews

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