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Doctor of Ministry

27 credit hours, 5 courses of 3 credit hours and thesis of 12 credit hours

Note: Course loads will vary per student

Our Doctor of Ministry program is designed for those who have been or are currently engaged in ministry, and who feel the need to reflect upon a certain aspect of their ministry, to reconnect with their calling and the One who called them, to revitalize their vision, or to reignite their passion for a life of true uncompromising discipleship.


We recognize that many of those who seek the D.Min. degree have extensive life and ministry experience. It is for this reason that each applicant will be evaluated individually, both with regards to admission into the program (see Admission tab) and the amount of coursework that may be required. In general, an M.A. in Ministry or M.Div. degree will be a prerequisite for admission. However, our Admission Committee will evaluate each application with the utmost care, looking not only at the applicant’s academic background, but also at the motivation for doctoral studies, strength of vision and calling, ministry experience, moral character and love for Christ and for His gospel. We especially want to open our doors to those who can show that the doctoral degree will significantly advance the purpose of reaching the world with the invaluable gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Women who fit this profile are also encouraged to apply.

Elements of the program

I. Coursework – Five courses, or 15 credit hours (see below for course descriptions). Additional coursework may be assigned and will vary for each student. Once the thesis proposal has been accepted, the student will become a candidate.

II. Doctoral Thesis – 12 credit hours

III. Oral Defense


DISC 712 – Advanced Discipleship and Discipling (3 cr hrs)

MIN 571 – Vision and Leadership (3 cr hrs)

MIN 673 – Ministry Administration (3 cr hrs)

RES 793 – Introduction to Thesis Writing (3 cr hrs)

RES 794 – Developing the Thesis Proposal and Literature Review (3 cr hrs)

RES 795 – Doctoral Thesis (12 credit hours)

Course Descriptions

DISC 712 – Advanced Discipleship and Discipling

This course will challenge you to keep your life and ministry firmly focused on the calling our Lord has given to each who will serve Him, namely to lose our lives for Him and for the gospel, for “whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it” (Mark 8:35). It will also equip you to make evangelism and discipling of those you lead to Christ a central and daily part of life.

MIN 571 – Vision and Leadership

This course studies the crucial importance of God’s vision for the Body of Christ, and explores ways to help develop this vision for a local church or specific ministry. It then looks at biblical and practical approaches to leadership, explores how to identify and develop potential leaders and those with other gifts and how to mobilize them effectively for God’s work. Attention is given to practical methods of mentoring and training, reporting, delegating and supervision.

MIN 673 – Ministry Administration

A study of administrative principles and practices for any organization, be it a local church, missionary organization or other ministry. Among the topics discussed are the various administration documents, personnel management, and the management of financial and physical resources.

RES 793 – Introduction to Thesis Writing

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the various tools and tasks of doing research, the stages of the doctoral thesis, online research techniques, computer software and settings, formatting requirements etc.

RES 794 – Developing the Thesis Proposal and Literature Review

This course helps the student develop and write a viable proposal for the Doctoral Thesis, including method of data collection, with a comprehensive list of applicable literature resources.

RES 795 – Doctoral Thesis

12 credit hours

The student will write a 125 – 175 page research paper on the topic for which a proposal was submitted during course RES 794

Selection of Thesis Topic

Thesis topics should be selected that will help the student become more effective in ministry, especially the ministry of bringing the gospel to every nation, reviving the Body of Christ in the West and mobilizing believers everywhere to reach the world for Christ.

Doctor of Ministry Fees

Admission cost for the D.Min. program consists of a $200 admission fee (non-refundable), plus full tuition fee for the first course.

Tuition fees are fixed for the whole calendar year.

Time Frame

D. Min. students are expected to finish their studies within 5 years. After that time, a non-refundable extension fee of $500 per year will be applied.

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