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Doctor of Philosophy

Varies from 23 to 35 credit hours: min. three courses of 3 credit hours, one course of 2 credit hours and a dissertation of 12 credit hours.

Our Doctor of Philosophy program is designed to equip and empower disciples of Christ who are called to be His ambassadors in the world of education or called to teach and train the Body of Christ. As in all our programs, we encourage a strong focus in these studies on issues of world evangelism and serious discipleship.


We recognize that many of those who seek the Ph.D. degree have extensive life and ministry experience. It is for this reason that each applicant will be evaluated individually, both with regards to admission into the program (see Admission tab) and the amount of coursework that may be required. In general, an M.Div. or M.Th. degree will be a prerequisite for admission. However, our Admission Committee will evaluate each application with the utmost care, looking not only at the applicant’s academic background, but also at the motivation for doctoral studies, strength of vision and calling, ministry experience, moral character and love for Christ and for His gospel. We especially want to open our doors to those who can show that the doctoral degree will significantly advance the purpose of reaching the world with the invaluable gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since Ph.D. studies require advanced skills in writing and research, the admission process will include submission of a recent 20-page academic writing sample.

Elements of the Program

The Ph.D. program consists of two stages. In Stage 1 the student will focus on acquiring the necessary background knowledge in his field of specialization, through specific course work or directed reading. This stage will culminate in a comprehensive exam. Once the student has passed the exam she becomes a candidate and enters Stage 2. In this latter stage the student will focus entirely on the supervised writing of her dissertation, culminating in an oral defense. Both stages should be completed within seven years.


– DISC 713 – Advanced Total Spiritual Transformation (2 cr hrs)

– Course work or directed reading. This requirement will vary for every student based on the work that has been done during earlier studies and on the cognate and area of research selected.

– RES 891 – Introduction to Dissertation Writing (3 cr hrs)

– RES 892 – Developing the Preliminary Proposal and Literature Review (3 cr hrs)

– RES 893 – Developing the Proposal and Chapter Overview (3 cr hrs)

– RES 894 – Dissertation (12 cr hrs)

Course Descriptions

DISC 713 – Advanced Total Spiritual Transformation

2 credit hours

This course will challenge you to keep your life and ministry firmly focused on the calling our Lord has given to each who will serve Him, namely to lose our lives for Him and for the gospel, for “whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it” (Mark 8:35). It will also equip you to make evangelism and discipling of those you lead to Christ a central and daily part of life.

RES 891 – Introduction to Dissertation Writing

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the various tools and tasks of doing research, the stages of the dissertation, online research techniques, computer software and settings, formatting requirements etc.

RES 892 – Developing the Preliminary Proposal and Literature Review

This course helps the student formulate a dissertation topic and preliminary proposal, followed by an overview of relevant literature in the selected field.

RES 893 – Developing the Proposal and Chapter Overview

Based on the work done in RES 892, in this course the student writes and submits for approval the actual dissertation proposal, including a serious time schedule for completion of each stage of the project.

RES 894 – Dissertation

12 credit hours

Once the dissertation proposal has been approved and all revisions implemented, the actual work can begin. This course will lead the student through the process of writing the 200 to 220 page dissertation itself, with the help of a staged approach and regular contact with the supervisor.


Students are invited to choose a cognate from the following list:

– Apologetics

– Biblical Studies

– Christian Ethics

– Christian Philosophy

– Global Evangelism

– History of Christian Thought

– Intercultural Communication

– Theology of Missions

– Philosophy of Religion

Time Frame

Ph.D. students are expected to finish their studies within 7 years. After that time, a non-refundable extension fee of US$200 per year will be applied.


Graduation will take place after the completion of the required courses, final approval of the doctoral dissertation, payment of any outstanding fees, and on evidence of Christian character, faith and conduct as attested by our faculty.

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