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Ordination Track

“For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it” (Mark 8:35).

It is our mission at Wittenberg to equip and empower those who have laid down their lives for Christ and for the gospel (Mark 8:35).

Our ordination track is an integral part of that mission. If your ordination will significantly advance the cause of reaching the unreached with the gospel, we invite you to apply.


Successful completion of the Ordination Preparation Training.

Admission Requirements

– Successful completion of the Wittenberg Total Spiritual Transformation Program

– Strong personal testimony and description of current walk with Christ (1 page)

– Essay on how you are currently involved in active evangelism and discipling, and how your ordination will further the advance the gospel (1 page)

– C.V. with your ministry experience

– Statement of doctrine (1 page)

– Two references

Ordination Fees

1. Fees for admission to the Ordination Track consist of a $200 admission fee (non-refundable), plus full tuition fee for the Ordination Preparation Training ($300 non-refundable). Cost of books not included.

2. The ordination requires yearly renewal through submission of a freshly signed copy of the Ethical Conduct Covenant and payment of the yearly renewal fee of $50. Timely renewal is the responsibility of the ordained.


The Certificate of Ordination will be granted after satisfactory completion of all the requirements, payment of any outstanding fees, and on evidence of Christian character, faith and conduct as attested by our faculty.

Criminal Record

A criminal record check is required.


Successful completion of the Wittenberg Total Spiritual Transformation Program is the first requirement for our Ordination Track. You can enroll in the Program by clicking on the Total Spiritual Transformation tab above and submitting the form you find there. If you have already completed the Total Spiritual Transformation program, just contact us.

For more information, please contacts us 

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