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Wittenberg scholarships

Wittenberg has two types of scholarships: the TST scholarship and tuition scholarships.

TST Scholarship

This scholarship funds 50% of the tuition of the TST (Total Spiritual Transformation) program. This award is available to those who apply for the TST program now, and who:

– submit a one-page testimony of how they came to the Lord.

– are ready to share the gospel with at least one person a week for the duration of the TST program.

To apply for the TST Scholarship, visit our Total Spiritual Transformation Program tab and click the Sign Up button at the bottom of the page. Under the Payment section select the option “Registration and Tuition Fee for Course 1 of 2 ($300 USD)” and leave a comment below it stating that you apply for the TST Scholarship.

Tuition Scholarships

Those students who pass any of our core courses with a B or more receive a maximum 40% tuition scholarship toward the next core course. Core courses are: Academic Writing & Research, Theology I and II, and Biblical Counseling I. Those who receive a B or more are awarded a 20% tuition scholarship toward the next core course, B+ and A- students receive a 30% and A students a 40% scholarship. This Core Courses Scholarship applies to students who sign up for Academic Writing & Research now. 

For all other courses a similar scholarship applies: those who pass the course with a B+ or more are eligible for a 20% tuition scholarship that is applied to their next course’s tuition fee. This tuition scholarship for general courses also applies only to students who enroll in their first general course now.

Our tuition scholarships do not apply to the TST program.

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